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Evolution of mobile test automation at Badoo: from 0 to 45 hours of tests

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Комментарий Программного комитета:

Что ждёт ваш проект после нескольких лет внедрения автоматизации и появления большого количества тестов от главного тестера Badoo.

Challenges in mobile test automation (Android, iOS and mobile web) are quite different from desktop web. Applications are developed with different technologies on different languages and different platforms. You need a strategy while picking the tools for mobile test automation. It is important to understand what you want to achieve with it and how to show the value to your stakeholders. Having automation tests doesn't mean anything by itself. Speed and stability of your tests are necessary to build the trust between the developers and QA. While we want to see a pyramid structure in testing — unit tests, integration tests, etc — end-to-end tests are not merely the pointy bit at the top, but are the bridge between client and server pyramids.

Badoo delivers Android and iOS applications once in a week and mobile web twice per day. While the product is continuously pushing for the features and teams got scaled over the last two years, how do we start working with developers and manual QA and keep being a part of its delivery process?

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Sathish Gogineni

Sathish works as Mobile QA Automation Lead at Badoo. Since 2013, he is responsible for developing test automation solutions for mobile applications at Badoo. He has 13 years of experience and has worked in various positions from a software developer to a technical lead. He strongly believes the true success of the test automation lies when it is integral part of the product delivery process and meets the needs of it's stakeholders.