May 17-18, 2018
Park Inn by Radisson Pulkovskaya
Pobedy Square 1, St. Petersburg

10 000 000 of tests a day

Day 1 /  / Зал 1  /  RU / Введение в технологию

Once upon a time, we got a requirement to finish all testing in 2 days despite the number of tests to run. That number grew, and grew, and grew, and now there are tens of millions of them. So this is a story about building a dam against the never-ending flood which turned out to be not that scary. You are very welcome to join and see it for yourself.

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Sergey Grinev
Azul Systems

An experienced engineer focused on building reliable quality processes for Java platforms. Started to work in this area during his employment with Oracle where he was responsible for JavaFX testing. Last few years works for Azul Systems on quality of their custom JDKs.

Also, Sergey enjoys sharing his experience: he presents on various Java conferences, gives lessons, and answers on