May 17-18, 2018
Park Inn by Radisson Pulkovskaya
Pobedy Square 1, St. Petersburg

Testers as their own worst enemies

Day 2 /  / Зал 1  /  EN / Введение в технологию

Sometimes, in some organizations, testers complain that they're not respected or acknowledged. Project management views testers as obstacles to timely releases; developers see testers as uninformed and technically ignorant pests. Testers themselves step into professional and interpersonal tar pits by misunderstanding the role of the tester, the mission of testing, and the skills required to get the job done.

In this session, Michael Bolton will talk about several ways in which testers undermine their own reputations and the image of the testing profession. He will provide reframes and antidotes to help testers identify and resolve those problems, and he'll point the way towards developing technical skills, socials skills, and most importantly thinking skills that can build respect for testing and increase testers’ effectiveness.

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Michael Bolton

Tester, consultant, and trainer Michael Bolton is the co-author (with James Bach) of Rapid Software Testing, a course that presents a methodology and mindset for testing software expertly in uncertain conditions and under extreme time pressure. Michael is a leader in the context-driven software testing movement with twenty years of experience testing, developing, managing, and writing about software. Currently, he leads DevelopSense, a Toronto-based consultancy. Prior to DevelopSense, Michael was with Quarterdeck Corporation. Michael's home page is