May 17-18, 2018
Park Inn by Radisson Pulkovskaya
Pobedy Square 1, St. Petersburg

How to build a testing pyramid

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Quite often we hear how important it is to build pyramids — they make testing fast, simple, robust. But why no one actually does it? We'll discuss:

  • Architectural layers in Web/Enterprise applications and how to layer tests respectively in order to build a pyramid;
  • How to build multiple pyramids given that many projects today actually consist of 2 subprojects: backend & UI;
  • What architecture allows writing more of the low-level tests and why so many projects around fail to build test pyramids;
  • Which kinds of mocks aid in building good-quality testing and which don't.

Target audience: developers, dev leads, PMs.

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Stanislav Bashkyrtsev
EPAM Systems

Stanislav has been developing since 2008, mainly in Java. He loves testing and code quality. At some point, he began to get involved in the optimization of processes and switched to CI/CD activity in 2013. He was never totally pleased with the AQA, and so in 2015 switched to testing to prove that everything is possible to be done much better. Stanislav proved it and went into business intelligence.